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60th +++ Reunion

NEW DATES > > > June 8th to June 11th 2023
VMC – the bond that links us all ….

Vaccination Status

For the health and safety of attendees, proof of Fully Vaccinated Status for Covid 19 is required for alumni and guests attending any reunion events. The reunion committee will monitor health guidelines over the next months with regard to boosters. Also, temperature checks may be required at indoor events as a further precaution. These requirements remain subject to change having regard to Manitoba health guidelines and restrictions. These measures are in place so we can look forward to a safe, respectful and fun reunion.

When & Where

The Vincent Massey 60th +++ Reunion is taking place the weekend of June 8th to June 11th 2023.
This will be a very exciting time!

The previous reunions held in 1985 for the 25th and in 2000 for the 40th and then in 2010 for the 50th, brought alumni home from all over Canada, the US and even the World , to join with all who live in Winnipeg. Those reunions were such grand celebrations of friendship, camaraderie and fun .

The VMC 60th +++ reunion in 2023 promises the same magic. There will be plenty of opportunity to reminisce, remember and relive memories of high school days in Fort Garry. Join in and renew friendships with those we shared our youthful days with at Vincent Massey Collegiate from the 60’s to the 2000’s!

A great group of VMC alumni have been meeting since February of 2019. A schedule has been planned, the venues have been chosen and everyone is hard at work to create a weekend to remember for everyone.

The big work is taken on by tracking committee whose work it is to search for all our wonderful alumni . If you are reading this and know of contact info  for alumni who might be  siblings, parents! , former staff etc, please be get touch on the Contact Us page of this web site. Thank you

Regular Registration $150/person

Deadline to Register is May 20th, 2023

The fee includes all reunion events
– Golf & Billiards additional fees

It will be amazing!  Spread the word”

VMC…..the link that binds us all….

The Reunion Committee


Daly – 71


Bones – 69


Hurst – 73


Muir – 71


Senft – 71


Hay – 77


(Lister) Reis – 77


Jones – 96


Cutler – 71


Daly – 73


Des Roches-Dueck – 89


Mercer – 71


Teller – 85


Schwartz –


Murray – 73


Gibson – 63


Walters – 71


Lane – 77


Friesen –




Vernon –


Wilson-Penner – 71


Nicholson – 66


Goodridge 71


Castelane – 76


MacLennan – 77






Hurst – 71


Some memories submitted from the 50th reunion

Hi , Just a note to all involved with hosting the 50th VMC reunion: it was GREAT. Everyone I met was having the time of their lives!! Thanks to all!! – Michael

Class of 67

time of their lives

At the 50th reunion in 2010, the committee created a magical time. The spirit of the reunion exploded Saturday night on the dance floor, reflecting the tenor of the whole weekend. Thank you – Gilda

Class of 70


Hey 2010 Reunion Committee, what a fantastic reunion event!!!! Thanks for all the hard work for the past two years and your dedication to making the whole weekend happen. I have heard nothing but good things. Thanks for much again! – Judi

June ’72

Thank you

Congratulations on a fabulous weekend. It was so much fun to reconnect with old classmates ( I know I am not supposed to use that word even tho it may be the most fitting). I wanted all to know that I appreciated all the hours that were put into the event. Thank you for making the 50th reunion a wonderful weekend. – Meredith

Class of 72


What a splendid reunion! It was wonderful connecting with old friends…both from VMC and from elsewhere. My parents moved out of Fort Garry in 1966…and I left Winnipeg on 1974…so there were many people I had not seen for 40 years. Special – Gord

Class of 63

I love coming home

The 40th reunion was wonderful; the 50th reunion was magical; It was so great to be able to meet our old school friends once again. Many whom, no longer live in Winnipeg. We were friends 30 years ago and are still friends now!! – Derek

Class of 77

Happy hour