VMC Alumni Bursary Fund

VMC’s Reunion Committees have maintained a scholarship program for VMC Graduating Students established by the 25th Reunion Committee, and continued with contributions from proceeds from the 40th Reunion. Thanks to Jan Bones (nee Stewart ’69) Lee Jackson (nee Sisler ’68) and Shirley Hurst (’73) for administering the funding process from 1985- 2010, on behalf of all VMC Alumni.

Since 1985, with funds generated from the 25th, the 40th and the 50th Reunions, two scholarships have been created.  They are awarded annually at the VMC Graduation ceremonies to students selected by the school’s administration based on academic excellence.

For 2010 (and beyond) administrative and investment purposes, The Reunion Committee has chosen to move the funds under the umbrella of The Winnipeg Foundation (established in 1921).

We are changing to a “BURSARY” format rather than scholarship. The bursary will provide a tuition and books letter of credit issued by The Winnipeg Foundation to VMC students with financial needs who select to continue their education at a Manitoba Post-Secondary Institution. The Bursary process also allowed additional funds thru the “Invest in Manitoba” program administered by the Government of Manitoba in June 2010.

We would like to encourage the growth of the fund. This will allow the Bursary awards to be maintained and increase the amounts presented to deserving VMC Graduates to perpetuate the proud record of Alumni achievement.

Donations Gratefully Accepted

The Winnipeg Foundation will accept donations to the VMC Alumni Bursary Fund and send a tax receipt directly to you, the donor, confidentially.

Your cheque, with a memo as to it being donated to the VMC Alumni Bursary Fund, can be made payable to:

The Winnipeg Foundation
c/o 1350 One Lombard Place, Winnipeg, MB. R3B 0X3
(204- 944-9474 or toll free 1-877-974-3631)


You may go to the web link address below and contribute via credit card on the secure and confidential Winnipeg Foundation’s Donation Site (like PayPal)

Thank you for making VMC a proud recipient of your generosity and for your commitment to the success of the VMC Alumni of Tomorrow.
VMC… the link that binds us all…

Special FYI The Musical Production of the 40th Reunion in 2000 had their own fund-raising effort during the shows in Massey’s gym. Thru donations, door contributions and video sales, the musical raised ~ $30,000 ! That’s right, $ 30,000, and provided sufficient capital to achieve additional funds thru the school division facilitating the construction of the dance studio enjoyed by Massey students ever since.