Class Pictures

Please follow to retrieve your class pictures, after the reunion has finished.

GROUP PHOTOS for VMC 60th +++ Reunion Alumni

Kate Penner Photography has been hired to take group photos of alumni, by class(es) / year(s), during the Gala evening at the RBC Convention Centre. Photos will be taken in the Carlton Lobby, next to the York Ballroom. Please look at the Group Photography Schedule on your Gala table for your group’s photo time.

The group photos will be available to all alumni registered for the reunion about one week after the Gala, on a website set up by Kate.   FREE access to view & download the group photos from the website can be obtained using the following link.
 Use a computer, not a cell phone, to download photos, & follow these instructions.
– Once you have clicked on the link (shown above), a VMC Reunion page will come up.          Click the ‘View Gallery’ box.
– A display of the group photos will come up. To download the photos, click the downward arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
– Enter your email address and the download PIN/code 3452. Click ‘Next’.
– Choose the ‘High Resolution’ download size, then click ‘Start Download’. Please note that all the photos will download. You cannot choose just one photo to download. However, you can delete the photos that you don’t want later.

–  When your photos are ready to download, click the link provided to start the download. Or, you will also receive an email from Kate Penner Photography, and you can click ‘Download Photos’ in the email to start the download.
– A zipped folder named ‘reuniongroupshots’ will appear under the Downloads in your computer. Double click on this folder, then the ‘highlights’ folder, then each of the files named DSCF…. to access each group photo.
You will also have the option of ordering prints during the Gala for an additional cost. To order any of the following, you will need to know your group # which Kate will provide at the time of your photo sitting. Orders & payment must be made at the Gala.
1. Larger Prints. Kate will have an assistant at the Gala to take orders for physical prints of the group photos. An order form will be available at the photo site, pay by cash or cheque. 5×7 prints-$10 each         8×10 prints -$15 each        Shipping – $10 per order
The prints will be shipped about two weeks after the Gala
2. Instant 4×6 Prints. After group photos, Kate can print these at the photo site. $5 cash each
3. Emailed Photos. If you prefer to have your photos emailed directly to you without having to download them, fill in an order form at the photo site, pay by cash or cheque. This will cost $10 per email, maximum 2 photos per email.

Kate Penner’s email address is: